Site rules

Please read our AML/KYC/KYT Policy carefully,if you make an order,it means you allow our AML/KYC/KYT Policy.

1. General rules of exchange

1.1. All activities in our company must comply with the laws and regulations of the people’s Republic of China. Electronic currency obtained by illegal means shall not be used, and electronic currency shall not be purchased for illegal activities.

1.2. The user must use the real identity (including name and telephone number) to register our account. The name cannot be changed after registration, and must be filled in carefully when registering. When withdrawing electronic currency to a bank account, the name of the bank account must be the same as the name used in registration.

1.3. Only one account can be registered for each person, and no order can be placed on behalf of others. The account cannot be transferred or sold, if found, the account and the order will be frozen.

2. Transaction security

2.1. Do not disclose the account password to others, and do not use this website to exchange on public computers such as Internet cafes.

2.2. Please check our collection account carefully when the user gives us the source currency of payment. Do not transfer it wrongly. The amount should be consistent with the order. When we need to pay in the target currency, please check whether the account in your account information setting is correct. We take the account information in the order as the standard. Once we have successfully completed the payment, we will not be responsible for the loss caused by your account error.

2.3. The user must pay the source currency within 30 minutes after placing the order. If the order is not paid, it will be cancelled. If you need to continue the exchange, please re place a new order.

2.4. For manual order processing, the user must first place an order and then pay the source currency, not first pay the source currency and then place an order, not disclose the actual payment amount to other people, and our company will not bear the loss caused by misunderstanding.

2.5. For automatic order processing, please check whether the account information is correct before you spend in the target currency. Once you complete the payment in the source currency, the target currency will be paid to the preset account immediately, and there is no time to check again. If the loss is caused by the wrong account setting, we will not bear it.

3. About exchange rate

3.1. The exchange rate of our company is not fixed. It will be adjusted according to the market at that time. The exchange rate of bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies will be updated automatically according to the real-time price. The exchange rate of PM, advcash and other electronic currencies will be updated manually according to the market. Please pay attention to the exchange rate change of the home page. This exchange rate is the net exchange rate excluding the transfer fee (i.e. the exchange rate assuming all transfer fees are 0), and the actual received amount is subject to the order.

3.2. The customer shall not ask our company to make up the difference on the basis of exchange rate change.

4. About Payment fee

4.1. The transfer fee shall be borne by the customer, and our company will not bear any transfer fee.

5. About order cancellation

5.1. If the order is within the 24-hour processing time promised by us, and our company has not paid the target currency, the customer can request to cancel the order, but the customer shall bear all the transfer fees, and pay 1% of the total refund amount of the order cancellation fee to our company.

5.2. If the order exceeds the 24-hour processing time promised by us, the customer can ask to cancel the order. We will refund the order amount to the customer’s account in full. The customer does not need to pay the cancellation fee, but we will not bear the handling fee generated by the customer transfer (that is, the customer and our company will bear the transfer fee once respectively).

5.3. If the customer requests to cancel the order, our company can only refund to the original payment account, and the customer shall not ask for refund to other accounts.

5.4. If we have paid the target currency, we will not accept any form of order cancellation request.

6. About order inquiry

6.1. Our company only saves the order records of the last 2 months. If customers need all historical records, please save them in advance. Records older than 2 months will no longer be viewable.

6.2. If you have any questions about your order, please contact customer service within 30 days for inquiries. Orders over 60 days will no longer provide inquiry services.

7. Working hours

7.1. Our company’s working hours are 10:00-22:00(GMT+8), and the processing time of all orders is no more than 24 hours. In case of special circumstances, we will take the initiative to contact you.

7.2. In theory, the manual order processing time will be completed within 30 minutes during working hours. Order processing may be delayed in case of inventory shortage. Orders that are not working hours are processed at work on day 2.

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