11.09.2020, 15:11

So fast

11.09.2020, 01:21

Really great i am so happy i found exchange site like this

11.09.2020, 00:53

Very very good service!! Love it

02.09.2020, 18:37

Никаких заморочек! Обмен прошёл быстро. Рекомендую пользоваться этим обменником.

01.09.2020, 19:38

第二次使用, 还是这么快。 真的很喜欢这里的兑换服务!

31.08.2020, 00:01

Great service

28.08.2020, 16:27

Нигде не смог найти отзывов, кроме как на этом сайте. Попробовал сначала перевести на Alipay небольшую сумму Деньги дошли за 5 минут. После чего перевел крупную сумму и опять все прошло отлично. Рекомендую к использованию.

28.08.2020, 03:28

Нормальный обменник

23.08.2020, 23:23

Website doesn't work correct – destination tag form data was lost and my order was wasted.
However, another order time ago exactly the same way was completed.
DO not make orders with destination tugs if you wont keep your safe.

Administration comment:

Hi,for XRP,,if you need Destination TAG,you must fill it correct in the "Memo/Destination tag/Message/Payment ID" form when you place the order.But you leave it blank,I think you don't need Destination TAG,so when I processed the order,I set the Destination TAG as your order ID.You can contact the receiver to resolve this problem.
And I set the "Memo/Destination tag/Message/Payment ID" form must be filled from now.

20.08.2020, 18:49

Only a few minutes for transaction to Perfect Money. Thanks.

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