From 12.07.2021 to 31.07.2021, the processing time of manually processing orders will be slower than usual.
Processing time during working hours may take 10 minutes to 6 hours (the fastest may be a few minutes, the slowest may take several Hours), please arrange the exchange time reasonably so as not to affect your use.
Automatically processing orders are not affected.
Working hours: 10 am to 10 pm

29.07.2021, 16:38

第一次用 老是显示错误 错误在哪儿 也不显示我错在哪儿 没有第一兑换网好用

20.07.2021, 09:01

Best automatic exchange !!!!

16.07.2021, 12:12

Thanks,a little bit slow,but this increased my confidence in the site.
不错哦,稍慢点 但是完成的很顺利

12.07.2021, 17:28


09.07.2021, 08:28

Thanks !!!

08.07.2021, 14:18

It's the best

07.07.2021, 14:52

very good. finished transaction in 30 minutes

07.07.2021, 03:08

my first time using this exchange, and the process is very fast !!! thank you !!!

15.06.2021, 16:33

Mahou allah c’est du sérieux. J’ai essayé pour la première fois et c’est rapide

04.06.2021, 17:53

очень быстро, менял USD Payeer на USDT. Вообще ребята молодцы, дело пяти минут, и комиссия божеская. Спасибо!

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